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Mold Inspection & Remediation

Mold ExamplesMold and Fungi seem to be synonymous with Florida and the coastal regions of the United States, due to our proximity to water and humid conditions, as well as threats from storms and hurricanes.  Remember: Moisture/Vapor is the number one cause of mold.

Fungi issues are very serious and should not be ignored in your home, office, or habitable spaces.  Exposure to mold and mildew can result in serious health issues, not to mention the resulting damage to your facility, which can be devastating, and may cause an interruption to business services.

Mold and Fungi are like and kind, the incurring damage to contents and buildings only becomes more costly the longer the client delays in annalist and remediation.  Spores found within these environments,  continuously multiplies usually resulting in a foul odor and visible contamination.   Stopping mold quickly, at its origin and correction of the source is critical.

 Our Mold and Fungi Analysis offers the following specialized services:

  • Evaluations are conducted by personnel Certified and Licensed in Indoor Air Quality and Mold Assessment.
  • Samples of air and surface conditions are conducted by certified Laboratory Analysis
  • Determinations of the source of moisture and water intrusion are provided in a Report of Remediation Recommendations.  The source of vapor and H20 must be determined and corrected prior to mold remediation

 The quality of mold remediation service varies widely from company to company.
Choosing the wrong one can lead to recurring growth of mold.
Do your research regarding the provider’s certifications and experience.

Do not hire an IAQ consultant who performs their own mold remediation