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Insurance Claims

Our team, at Construction & Development Consultants Inc., provides technical assistance to attorneys on Property Loss as well as Builder’s Risk claims.  We consult on residential, commercial, industrial and civil projects that are damaged by wind, fire, water and earth movement.  We also identify sources of water intrusion for mold claims.  In addition, we develop repair solutions that are sensitive to business operations of building occupants and schedule, budget and production priorities of ongoing construction.

Major insurance companies know that they can count on our team to compile reports that offer competitive restoration estimates, and also instruct them on how the size and complexities of the claim provide a reliable source of accurate information to help them determine a fair and reasonable payment to restore the property to as close to its original status as possible.

We have a reputation of providing high-quality services and claims are processed in a timely manner.  Service Solutions are provided in the following areas:


  • Scope of Loss Assessment
  • Component Failure and Distress Analysis
  • Pre-Existing Conditions Identification
  • Comparative Scope Analysis and Solution Negotiation
  • Cost of Upgrades and Code Enhancements/Law and Ordinance.
  • Negotiations and mediation with Contractor’s and Owner’s


  • Construction Acceleration versus Business Interruption Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Construction Contract Monitoring
  • Loss Reconstruction Cost Audit


  • Lost Revenue
  • Remediation and put back/construction cost analysis
  • Displacement/Relocation analysis