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Credentials & Education

Craig H. Miller, CGC, CIE


Mr. Craig H. Miller is a Certified Indoor Environmentalists, Florida licensed Mold Assessor and Florida General Contractor specializing in, microbial contamination of building environments and indoor air quality of habitable spaces.  He has been involved in the construction industry and building sciences for over 30 years. Mr. Miller provides professional consultation and forensic building science investigations including: cause and origin of construction defects; building envelope assessments (vapor & water intrusion); Florida Building Code compliance assessments: indoor air quality; mold / fungal assessments and investigations; fungal remediation management; construction claims, litigation support and expert testimony for commercial, residential, industrial and institutional buildings. Construction and Development Consultants Inc. provides: Construction Management Services; owner’s construction representation; cost and scheduling analysis; plan and specification compliance; quality compliance.  CDC National Insurance Adjusters LLC is Florida State licensed and provides; representation on large loss insurance claims for the insured.  Construction & Development Consultants and Indoor Air Quality Consultants are fully Licensed and Insured.

Indoor Air Quality Consultants is qualified as; and compliant under the Federal Governments Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (USGS 02 85 00.00 20 Mold Remediation). 

This specification is a joint effort of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), the Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency (HQ AFCESA), the Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment (HQ AFCEE) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The specification requires that a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) or ACAC certificated to conduct the mold assessment on mold remediation contracts.  Additionally, it specifically names ACAC certificates as those eligible to perform the remediation contract.


General Contractor, Construction Manager, Certified Indoor Environmentalists, Mold Assessor, Florida Insurance Adjuster.


  • Licensed Florida General Contractor, License No. CGC 040408, by standard 2 day written examination.
  • Licensed Florida Mold Assessor, License No. MRSA1595
  • Licensed Florida Insurance Adjuster [All Lines] P006960, by standard written examination


  • Certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE) No. 00842, ACAC Certified, by standard written examination.
  • Certified Mold Remediator (CMR) No. 01297, past - by standard written examination. (Inactive)
  • Florida Mortgage Broker, No. HT 0010587.  by standard written examination. (Inactive)


  • Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA).
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.

Craig's Continued Education

2016 Windstorm Insurance Conference, Orlando, FL

  • An Adjuster is What an Adjuster Does
  • Are You Prepared-Depo & Trial
  • Hail Damage Assessment
  • Flying High: Drones and Claims
  • Truth about Bad Faith, Extra Contractual Litigation
  • Lender Placed Insurance
  • Florida Building Code 5th Edition Updates
  • Mass Disasters, Mass Actions && the Media

2016 IAQA Conference, Orlando, FL.

  • Methods of Fungal Data Interpretation
  • Duration Required for Mold Growth Arising from Condensation Development on Interior Surface
  • Seasonal Distribution of Fungi isolated from Homes Across the United States
  • Indoor Air Quality, Productivity, Health, Energy Conservation and Legal Liabilitys
  • What ASHRAE Members Should Know about IAQ
  • IAQA Workshop at AHR – What You Know, What You Can Say
  • Mold in the Mechanicals
  • Fungal Growth: An Ecological Indicator for Determining Duration of a Water Loss
  • Under-Recognized Sources of Indoor Bioaerosol
  • 100 years of Indoor Environmental Quality Challenges and Solutions at NASA Langley Research Center
  • Effects of Structural Pasteurization in the Built Environment: The Science, Facts, Myths and Solutions
  • IAQA Workshop – Silica – It’s Going Down
  • Residential Indoor Air Quality Assessments Tuning up your Clients Homes
  • Managing IAQ Concerns in a Diverse Applied Research Environment
  • Proactive Programs for Indoor Air Qualityt
  • The Entrepreneurial Conspiracy
  • VAC Internal Fiberglass Duct Lining & IAQ in Commercial Buildings

2016 Contractors Institute, Hudson, FL.

  • Workplace Safety: Course #0609008
  • Workers Compensation
  • Laws and Rules
  • Wind Mitigation Methodologies
  • Business Practice
  • 2014 Advanced Energy Code: Course #0611278
  • Hurricane Mitigation an Inspection: Course #0000325
  • Advanced Energy Code: Course #CILB 0611278
  • Mold & Moisture Remediation: Course #0007559

2015 Windstorm Insurance Conference, New Orleans, LI.

  • General Session
  • Examining a Windstorm Loss Piece by Piece
  • Earth Shifting Ground, Ground Collapses Sinkhole Activity
  • Proving Hail Damage Claims
  • ABC’s of Anti-Concurrent Causation
  • Building Codes Updates Wind & Flood
  • Preparing and Testifying at Depositions – Independent Adjuster
  • Florida Case Law Update

2014 Windstorm Insurance Conference, Orlando, FL.

  • Raise the Roof: How Roofs Support Walls
  • Emerging Trends in Building Products
  • The Use of Technology in Today’s Claims
  • Examinations Under Oath
  • Separating Wind and Water Damage
  • Myths and legends in Property Adjusting
  • Be a Better Witness – Depositions Basics
  • It’s Not Easy Being Green
  • Hurricane Wind vs. Surge Timing
  • Mock Evidentiary Hearing
  • Proving Your Case at Trial
  • Adjusting Sinkhole Losses in Florida
  • Gulf Coast Property Law Update
  • Property Insurance Case Law Update

2014 Contractors Institute, Hudson, FL.

  • F.S. Chapter 455 - Business & Professional Regulation CLASS: Course #CllB0009759 This is a 1 hour class including:1 hour(s) General
  • CllB Required Subject Areas 5-Hr CLASS: Course #CiLB0609008 This is a 5 hour class including:5 hour(s) General
  • F.S. Chapter 455-Business & Professional Regulation: Course #0009759 This is a 1 hour class including:1 hour(s) Business Practice
  • CllB Required Subject Areas: Course #0609008 This is a 5 hour class including:1 hour(s) Workplace Safety, 1 hour(s) Workers Compensation, 1 Hour(s) in Laws and Rules, 1 Hour(s) Wind Mitigation Methodologies, 1 hour(s) Business Practice

2013 Contractors Institute, Hudson, FL.

  • Mold & Moisture Remediation: Course #0007559, 4 hour(s) General, 1 hour(s) Workplace Safety, 1 hour(s) Workers Compensation, 1 hour(s) Business Practice
  • Mold & Moisture Remediation: Course #CILB0007559This is a 7 hour class including: 7 hour(s) General
  • Principles of Mold Assessment & Remediation: Course #0000110 This is a 14 hour class including:4 hour(s) Mold/Mold Safety, 6 hour(s)Water/Moisture Intrusion, 2 hour(s) Standards of Practice, 2 hour(s) Reporting

2013 IAQA Conference, Orlando, FL.

  • Moisture Measurement in Materials
  • Dust Mites – Mold’s Close Cousin
  • Identifying and Assessing Information about Flame Retardant Chemicals, Inclding the Effects and Everyday Sources of Exposure
  • Sustainable Home Health : An Integrated Approach to Address Mold Related Indoor Air Quality and Illness
  • ISIAQ / Healthy Buildings Update
  • Pre-Remediation Inspection of HVAC Systems
  • The NEW Concept in Collecting and Interpreting Airborne Mold Samples
  • What Microbial Standards are Available to the IAQ Professional
  • Florida Mold Laws and Conducting Assessments, Clearance Tests and Remedial Objectives Under These Laws
  • Legally Defensible Data for Airborne Fungal Spore Count – The Problems and Solutions for Required Precision and Accuracy
  • Outside the IAQA Box – a panel of invited speakers giving salient points from recent meetings beyond IAQA
  • ASTM Fungal Assessment Guide-In Detail
  • Water Storage in the Hygric Buffer
  • Pitfalls of a Multi-level Multi-Departmental Water Loss in a Health Care Facility
  • Benefits and Costa of Building Ventilation/General Session
  • Defining Clean & Green in Terms of the Unseen Fraction: “Are the terms green and clean compatible? and “How does one gauge the degree of surface contamination in building?”
  • Flood Protection is Only Half the Battle: Moisture Management, Energy Efficiency and FEMA – A case Study

2013 Windstorm Insurance Conference, Orlando, FL./strong>

  • Retrospective Impact of 2010 Fl Building Codes on Wind Loses
  • Building Damage Issues Wind vs. Water
  • Florida Property Insurance Law Update
  • Bad Faith: From Texas to Florida
  • Can Water Damage Be Aged? Playing the Dating Game
  • Building Envelope Failure
  • HVAC & Related Failures in Catastrophes
  • A Litigation Perspective on Original Inspection of a Windstorm Loss
  • Flood Coverage: From Policy Terms & Conditions Thru Damage Assessments
  • Sinkholes
  • Assignment of Benefits: My name on the check?
  • Conditions in a Policy of Property Insurance
  • Use of Experts in the Claims Process
  • Gulf Coast/Southeast Insurance Case Law Update
  • The F-Word: Topical Fraud
  • To Sue or be Sued?
  • Appraisal Here. Appraisal There. Appraisal Everywhere
  • Advanced Issues in Tackling Complex Business Income & Extra Expense Claims
  • Wind Damage Assessment
  • Building Envelope Failure
  • 3-D Animation and Other Technological Advances
  • Insurance Adjusters: How to prepare for your Deposition
  • Protecting Your Clients Interest During Settlement
  • Bayous, Bays, and Boroughs-The “Money Pit” of the Insurance Industry

2012 Titan Continuing Education

  • Advanced Building Codes
  • Wind Mitigation Methodologies
  • Workers Compensation
  • Workplace Safety

2012 Windstorm Insurance Conference, Orlando, FL.

  • Gushers and Drips
  • Depositions and EUOs
  • Sinkholes:The Other Cat
  • Condominium Claims and Losses
  • Wind and Flood Code Updates
  • Matching Interior & Exterior Surfaces
  • Adjustment Techniques
  • Blowing in the Wind
  • Wind Claim Offtrack
  • Knowing Coverage
  • Florida Prop Insurance

2012 IRP – Florida

  • Structural Evaluation and Restoration
  • Non-Destructive and Destructive Testing

2011 Windstorm Insurance Conference, Huston, TX.

  • Code Upgrades and their effect on business – Interruption Claims
  • What works, what doesn’t – What mediators want you to know ????
  • Storm Damage Evaluation of Stucco and truss damage
  • Windows and Doors sorting out the problems
  • Building Code Update and code: required Upgrades
  • The Nitty Gritty of property policy conditions
  • Timing Water damage: Building Materials Interpretations
  • Scientific Proof of Wind vs. Water in slabbed situations
  • Insurance Fraud from all prospectives
  • Timing water damage: Building Materials Interpretations
  • Warren Faidley, “The Original Storm Chaser”
  • Shifting Tides: Growing (Pool) Pains: The Expanding Role of Quasi-public Insurance Entities 2011 IRP – FLORIDA
  • Identifying Water Intrusion – Stucco Assessments
  • Identifying Wind Damage – Hurricane Assessments

2011 IAQA

  • Exposure Guidelines

2010 Windstorm Insurance Conference, Jacksonville, FL. 2010 Presenter: James W. Greer, CPCU #0003633

  • Intro to Estimating & Evaluating Property Damage
  • GS: What Happened to the 2009 Hurricane Season?
  • Advanced Building Code Updates
  • Florida Property Insurance Law Update
  • Preparation & Presentation of Insurance Claims
  • Sinkholes-Florida’s Other Catastrophe
  • Documenting The Claim
  • Catastrophic Failure: Wind, Water & Windows
  • Large Loss Adjusting: Multiple Losses & Carriers
  • Appraisal & Umpire Symposium

2010  Gray Systems Inc., Daytona, FL.

  • Advanced Code Module (0010945)
  • Business Practice
  • License Law
  • Workplace Safety
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Wind Mitigation


2009  Windstorm Insurance Conference,  Orlando, FL, Presenter:  James W. Greer, CPCU #A104091

  • Adjuster Code of Ethics
  • Why Good Enough Never is…
  • Deposition Boot Camp:  Preparation is the key to Survival
  • Florida Property Insurance Law Update Wond and Related Cases
  • Introduction to Building Codes: Advanced
  • Changes in Laws, Coverages & Codes
  • PA Legislation Workshop
  • 2008 Hurricane Season: Sizzle or Fizzle?
  • Using Video Graphics in Insurance Claims
  • Water Mitigation

2008  Windstorm Insurance Conference,  Tampa, FL.   Presenter:  James W. Greer, CPCU #0003633

  • Handling Large Commercial Losses: A Teamwork Approach
  • Expert Opinions…Everybody’s Got One
  • Introduction to Building Codes
  • Hurricane insurance and Catastrophes in Two Tracks:  Politics and Weather!
  • Adjuster Depositions:  The Do’s and Don’t’s
  • Roofing Technology, Damage Assessment, and Repair
  • Repair, Restoration or Renovation?  Florida’s Existing Building Code
  • Changing Laws, Changing Codes, and Changing Coverages
  • Appraisal Trends, benefits, Pitfalls, and Practical Concerns
  • ReKindling the fire when You’re Down to a Pilot Light


2008  Indoor Air Quality Association,   Tampa, FL.

  • Use of UVC to Control Airborne Contamination:  Current Research Updates, Presenter:  Richard Shaughnessy, PH.D., University of Tulsa
  • Indoor Air Quality for Facility Managers, Presenter:  Ian Cull,  P.E., CIEC, Indoor Sciences
  • The Great Sampling Debate,  Presenter:  Wane A Baker, PE., CIH, Michaels Engineering, Frank Dean, CIE,  The PDF Group, LLC, Robert Krell, CIEF, CIAQP, CMRS, IAQ Technologies, Inc.


2008  Gray Systems Inc.,   Gainesville, FL.

  • Advanced Code Module(0009085)
  • Business Practice
  • License Law
  • Workplace Safety
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Wind Mitigation


Business Interruption Lessons Learned from 9/11 Claims:

  • Flood Certification
  • Pre-Existing Damage vs. Storm Damage
  • Appraisal from A-Z
  • Wind vs. Flood
  • The Florida Building Code-Revised Again
  • Condo Losses
  • Hail Damage Myths & Effective Responses
  • Mold: Remediation, Mitigation and Spoliation
  • Adjusting & Measuring the Million Dollar + Commercial Loss, Part I
  • Mediation Issues & Strategies for First Party Claims
  • Adjusting & Measuring the Million Dollar + Commercial Loss, Part II


2005  Building Enclosures and Building Enclosure/Mechanical System,   Presenter: Joseph Lstiburek

  • The Indoor Environment, Presenter: Mr. Terry Brennan
  • Building Materials and Wild Fire, Presenter Dr. Stephen Quarles


2004  ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc.)  Tampa, Florida

  • Ventilation of Health Care Facilities, Moderator:  Rick Hermans
  • Defining the Healing Environment: Risk, Reward, Reality Moderator:  John F. McCathy
  • Infection Control, Co-chairs:  Tedd Nathanson and Rick Hermans
  • Aspergillus Surveillance In A Pediatric Oncology Unit During Hospital Renovation Presenter:  Theodore Myatt
  • Assessment of Bioaerosol Reduction Methods In Stem Cell Transplant Units At A University Hospital, Presenter:  Wayne Thomann
  • Infection Isolation for Surgical Cases, Presenter:  Carl Schultz
  • Certification of IAQ in Renovated Bone Marrow Patient Ward, Presenter:  Phillip Hayden
  • Infection Control Issues Related to Fire Protection Upgrades: 
    The Evaluation of Two Approaches, Presenter:  Nicholas Ganick


2004  Engineering and Health:  Do We Know Where We Are Going?  Presenter:  Michael Hodgson

  • Indoor Air Quality Session Co-Chairs:  John Tiffany and Tedd Nathanson
  • Indoor Environment in Hospital Wards A Case Study In A Swedish Hospital, Presenter:  Jennie Skoog
  • Application of ASHRAE Guideline 12 to Health Care Facilities, Presenter:  David Geary
  • Airborne Microflora In A Respiratory Ward, Presenter:  Clive Beggs
  • Protecting Indoor Air Quality Through Intake Placement, Presenter:  Glenn Schuyler
  • Can Healthcare Ventilation Standards Be Maintained Without Breaking The
  • Operating Budget? Presenter:  Robert Cox
  • Hospital Ventilation In US vs. UK, Presenter:  Frank Mills
  • Analysis Of Efficacy Of UVGI Inactivation Of Airborne Organisms Using Eulerian and Lagrangian Approaches, Presenter:  Farhad Memarzadeh
  • Outside Air Control Strategies for HVAC Systems In The Healing Environment Presenter:  Robert Van Becelaere
  • Effects Of Room Mixing And Ventilation Strategy on The Performance of Upper Room UVGI Systems, Presenter:  Clive Beggs
  • On The Circulation Of Air In An Operating Theatre- An Experimental Study, Presenter: John Turner
  • When Is MINIMUM Not Enough? Presenter:  Phil Maybee
  • Preparation For Emerging Infectious Diseases In The Healthcare Environment, Moderator: Andy Streifel
  • Design and Commissioning, Co-Chairs:  Frank Mills and Anand Seth
  • Isolation Room Ventilation Design Case Studies, Presenter:  Duncan Phillips
  • A New Method For Patient Isolation Room Air Distribution Design. Presenter:  Erik Olsen
  • Building Systems Commissioning:Minimizing Healthcare Facility-Related Risk Factors, Presenter:  Farhad Memarzadeh
  • Effect Of Operating Room Geometry And Ventilation System Paramerter Variations, On The Protection Of The Surgical Site, Presenter:  Rebecca Ellis
  • Healthcare Facility IAQ System Performance-HVAC System Design And Construction Challenges, Presenter:  William Ljungquist


2004  IAQA-NAFA, The MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • National Standards of Care for Indoor Environments: Creating Partnerships Building Bridges: Presenter:  Dr. Earl Taylor
  • Fungal Assessments: Fungal Ecology and Count Comparisons, Presenter:  John J. Rindy
  • Putting Quality Assurance into Field Sampling: Presenter:  Michael Dill
  • Special Tools for Special Needs Clients: Presenter:  Carl Grimes, Chris Watson
  • NAFA: Mold contamination, Pathogenic Fungi & Impact on Human Health:  Presenter: Dr. Michael Rinaldi
  • Mock Legal Trial:  Presenter: Michael Greene
  • Case Studies Utilizing Worldwide Standards for Mold, Presenter: Robert Brandys, PHD
  • Self-reported Symptoms and Indoor Mold, Presenter:  Elisa Larkin
  • Forensic Evaluation of Mold as a Construction Defect, Presenter: Gary H. Hall, PE
  • There’s a New Gunslinger in Town: EPA’s New Voluntary Indoor Air Quality Label for Homes: Presenter: Sam Rashkin
  • Psychometrics Made Simple: Presenter: Frank Besednjak
  • Carbon Monoxide and the Indoor Environment:  Over 20 Hours Education


2004  6th Annual Building Envelope Seminar: Mechanics Of Moisture, Fort Myers, Florida

  • Sources Of Heat, Air & Water Intrusion “HAM” Presenter:  Dr. Joseph Lstiburek
  •  Airflow Inside Buildings, Presenter:  Andy Ask, P.E.
  • Psychrometrics And Specialized A/C Equipment, Presenter:  Julie Ferguson
  • Moisture Management Strategies, Presenter:  Dr. Joseph Lstiburek
  • Vapor Control, Presenter:  Dr. Joseph Lstiburek


2002  Healthy Indoor Environments Austin, Texas

  • Richard Shaughnessy, University of Tulsa Indoor Air Program, Susan Valenti, IAQ Media Group
  • Indoor Air Quality Business, Presenter:  Anthony Worthan
  • Indoor Air Quality Legislation, Presenter:  Aaron Trippler
  • Indoor Air Quality Legal, Presenter: Edward Cross
  • Indoor Air Quality consumer/Insurance, Presenter: Melinda Ballard
  • Investigative Tools of the IAQ Trade, Presenter:  Francis Bud Offerman
  • Qualifying contractor/Consultants for IAQ Work, Presenter:  John Tiffany
  • Indoor Environmental Health Effects:  Emerging Issues, Presenter:  Claudia Miller
  • IAQ & Ethics:  Products and Professionals, Moderator:  Edward Cross, Panelists:  Elizabeth Stein, John Tiffany, David Krause, Michael McGuinness and Elena Paoli
  • New IAQ Product Technology, Moderator: George Benda, Speakers Robert Baker, Steve Baer and Tim Kensok
  • Biological Sampling Instruments & Collection, Presenter:  Tina Reponen
  • Identifying Construction Defects, Presenter:  Joseph Lstiburek
  • Biocontamination Remediation, Presenter:  Ken Martinez
  • Biological Contaminants, Investigative Protocols & Building Science Factors, Presenter:  Harriett Burge
  • Antimicrobial Products in HVAC Systems, Moderator: Robert Baker, Speakers: Dennis Edwards, Michael McGuinness and Michael Bowdoin
  • Annual Mold Remediation Forum, Sponsored by the Indoor Environmental Institute
  • Moderators:  Eugene Cole and James Holland


2002  Indoor Air Quality Association, Training and Certification Forum, Orlando, Florida

  • Fundamentals of Mold, Sampling and Report Interpretation, Moderator: Dr. Harriet Burge and Dave Gallup
  • Training for IAQ Investigators, Moderator: George Benda
  • Mold Remediation Certification, Moderator:  Carl Grimes
  • IAQ Sub Specialty Certifications, Moderator:  Tom Griffin
  • Standards for Water Damage Restoration, Presenter:  Larry Cooper
  • Preventing IAQ Problems During Construction and HVAC Installation, Presenter: Andrew C. Ask
  • Mechanics Of HVAC Designing for Good IAQ, Presenter:  Tom Overs
  • Solving Crawl Space IAQ Problems, Presenter:  Carl Grimes
  • IAQ Testing and Instrumentation for Field Investigations, Presenter:  Patrick O’Donnell
  • IAQ Case Study:  A Hospital Operating Suite, Presenter:  Mike Holland
  • Building Envelopes and Water Intrusion, Presenter:  Neil Moyer
  • Legal Mock Trail, Moderator:  Michael Greene, Esq.